Research Platform Technologies

1) Multiphase droplet, vesicle, particle and bubble technologies

2) Acoustic cavity microfluidics

3) Impedance and dielectrophoresis microfluidics

4) Microfabrication of microfluidic bioassay platforms

3) Microfluidic components and technologies: pumps, valves, mixing, characterization techniques, etc.

Research Projects

1) Integrated high throughput genetic analysis in picoliter droplets
----a. Feedback control for droplet microfluidics
----b. Automated gene analysis in microfluidic droplets
----c. Molecular and cellular assays in artificial cells
----c. High-Dynamic-Range Digital Microfluidics

2) Point-of-care serodiagnostic chips
----a. Lateral acoustic cavity transducers for particle manipulation
----b. Micro Total Analysis System for protein array bioassay

3) Multifunctional hybrid micro/nanoparticles for targeted therapeutics and biosensing
--- a. Microbubbles for ultrasound imaging contrast agents
--- b. Scale-up production of microfluidic hybrid particles/bubbles
--- c. Biomolecular sensing with long-lasting lipid microbubbles
--- d. Stem cell differentiation and therapeutics
--- e. Nanoparticles for drug delivery to the eye
--- f. Microfluidic cellular encapsulation in droplets for therapeutics and tissue engineering
--- g. Development of artificial cells for therapeutics

4) Label-less sorting of neural stem cells (NSCs)
--- a. Dielectrophoresis (DEP) microfluidic separation and sorting of NSCs
--- b. Impedance cytometry and control of cells in microchannels

5) 3D Vascularized tissue for drug testing arrays
--- a. 3D microchannels for delivery of cells and angiogenesis factors

Research Tools

Our group makes extensive use of the UCI Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility (INRF):

BioMINT Lab Microscopes & Cameras:

  • Nikon TE2000 inverted fluorescent microscope
  • Nikon Eclipse L150 upright high resolution microscope
  • General microscope for basic usage and alignment
  • High speed gray-scale camera
  • High resolution color camera

Syringe Pumps:

  • Harvard Apparatus, Pico Plus model

CNC Machine

Function Generators, Amplifiers, Oscilloscope

PDMS Station

Laminar Hood & Plasma Machine

Ovens: 60 and 120 degree C

Chemical Fume Hood























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