Patents/Intellectual Property available for Licensing

Title UC Case No.
Microfluidic Production of Monodispersed Submicron EmulsionsThrough Filtration and Sorting of Satellite Drops 2005-652-0
Cell Encapsulation on a Microfluidic Platform 2004-547-0
Microfluidic Flow Transducer Based on the Measurement of Electrical Admittance 2004-146-2
Multimodal Hybrid Particles For Biological Detection And Drug Delivery Vehicle 2008-707-0
Dual-Layer Microbubble Lipospheres Generated by a Microfluidic System 2008-261-0
Polydimethylsiloxane Shelled Microbubbles for Biological Imaging, Drug Delivery, and Biodetection 2009-609-0
Laplace Pressure Trap for Microfluidic Droplet Formation from Asynchronous Sources and Different Inlets 2011-159-0
Colloidal Self-Assembly of Droplets for High Density Microfluidic Micro-Reactor Arrays with High Throughput Functionality 2011-163-0
Microfluidic Device for Cell Separation Using Dielectrophoresis and/or Magnetohydrodynamics 2006-426-0
New Microwell Plate Configurations to Increase Microwell Density 2011-574-0
Adaptive Biological And Chemical Digital Assays In Microfluidic Droplets 2011-491-0
Cell Destruction Method to Eliminate/Remove Unwanted Subpopulations of Cells 2011-667-0
Lateral Cavity Acoustic Transducer As An On-Chip Cell/Particle Switch 2012-262-0
Chip-Based Droplet Sorting 2011-668-0
Method And System For Ultra-High Dynamic Range Nucleic Acid Quantification 2012-322-0
Real-time, label-free detection of nucleic acid amplification in droplets 2012-202-0
Microfluidic Devices for Controlled Viscous Shearing and Formation of Amphiphilic Vesicles 2003-210-0
Microfluidic Device for Forming Monodisperse Lipoplexes 2006-644-0
On Demand Vesicle Formation From Vesicle Precursors 2015-406-0
Multiplex Digital PCR 2011-809-0
Microfluidic System for Particle Trapping and Separation 2012-663-0
Multilayer High Density Microwells 2011-574-2
Dielectrophoresis-Based Cell Destruction to Eliminate/Remove Unwanted Subpopulations of Cells 2011-667-2
Real-Time, Label-Free Detection of Nucleic Acid Amplification in Droplets Using Impedance Spectroscopy and using Solid-Phase Substrates 2012-202-2
Lateral Cavity Acoustic Transducer Based Microfluidic Switch 2012-262-2
Multiplex Digital PCR 2011-809-2
Microfluidic System for Particle Trapping and Separation 2012-663-2
Microfluidic device for multiplex diagnostics / Microfluidic devices and methods 2007-530-0
On-demand cell encapsulation using on-depend droplet generation and impedance-based detection / Methods and systems for on demand droplet generation and impedance based detection 2011-162-0
An Integrated Microfluidic Platform For Size-Selective Single-Cell Trapping 2015-806-0
A High-Throughput Platform To Investigate Angiogenesis In Perfused Human Capillaries 2009-437-0
Continuous, enhanced detection of droplet contents in electrical impedance spectroscopy 2014-743-0
An Integrated Microfluidic Platform For Selective Extraction Of Single-Cell mRNA 2016-628-0
Building blocks for 3D, modular microfluidics 2016-765-0
Microfluidic Pressure Regulator For Robust Hydrogel Loading Without Bursting 2016-276-0

























































































































































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